Quality Assurance Plan

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ICI Services Team Quality Assurance Program

ICI Services’ goal is to maintain our outstanding performance ratings for all TO’s performed under this contract. Our Team Quality Assurance plan is based on ISO 9000 requirements, and an example of selected elements is provided below. Through extensive use of our contract portal we will implement both the rules and tools necessary to continue the highest levels of quality performance.

Sample ICI Services Team Quality Assurance Requirement

Quality Goals & Objectives: Establish a core set of quality objectives, documented by common business rules, communicated to, and reviewed regularly by Team management and working level individuals from each team. Incorporate metrics and build towards a performance based work statement, supported by quality assurance procedures, work instructions and quality records.

Quality Incentives: Establish a quality component for allocation of subcontractor bonus and performance incentives

Process Control: QA procedures will specify how characteristics that are critical to quality are identified and carried out in all work processes under any task order.

Customer Feedback: Provide formal and informal methods of obtaining customer feedback on quality of service. Review and record all feedback.

Corrective Action: A quality procedure will specify methods for investigating nonconformance, correcting it, documenting findings and devising or adjusting controls to prevent recurrence.

Internal Quality Audits: QA procedures will require all members of the team to conduct and document reviews and inspections of their quality system.

Subcontract Quality Audits: ICI Services will audit subcontractor quality control and performance on a routine basis.

Training: Orientation, training and regular refreshers to maintain the high profile of the quality system.

Good communication is the cornerstone of responsiveness, teamwork, cooperation and success.

This team will have short lines of authority, empowered personnel at every level, and a robust data and collaboration capability to foster communications, cooperation with customers, and a basis for sharing cost saving innovations. ICI Services will maintain an open door policy for team members and all NWCs customers and authorities. This contract webpage will serve as a communications mechanism and hub for project collaboration and we will foster the highest levels of professionalism and mutual respect through employee awareness, training, safeguards and incentives.

Problem Resolution: ICI Services’ approach to problem resolution is ‘Prevention First’, followed by time tested resolution procedures. Our proactive QA and performance monitoring will minimize problems in our delivery of high quality services to NWCs. Our personnel at the working level and first supervisory level will provide early visibility into potential problem areas, and we will pursue all customer identified issues aggressively. Our customer feedback system via this portal will provide the ability for rapid, anonymous reporting. Our strong relationships and commitments from team members will allow us to minimize problems from the subcontractor perspective.

The ICI Services Team will provide Flow down of incentives to team partners.

Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP’s) may create shared savings opportunities.

We will encourage and support VECP’s as the primary incentive mechanism under this contract. We are experienced in analyzing and documenting VECP’s, and will educate our teammates on this process. We will also ensure that flow down of 100% of VECP savings incentives is documented in our subcontracts. As we conduct our TO integration analysis, we expect many opportunities for VECP’s may arise when integration is not determined appropriate. We will ensure our team members have incentives to participate in VECP submission in these situations.