In-Service Sustainment

Integrated Product Support Solutions to Improve Fleet Readiness

In-Scrv-Sus-001.jpgA great challenge for Fleet Introduction is keeping pace with the enormous quantity of Navy ship design and configuration data, maintenance, training, personnel requirements and administration, and distilling it into a comprehensive, compliant solution for each hull being constructed. Each delivered ship needs the exact maintenance documentation, manning solutions, logistics and outfitting tailored to its specific configuration. ICI demonstrates a mastery of ship class- and fleet-wide configuration and logistics support as well as technically rigorous ship specific solutions.

ICI reviews, develops and modifies drawings, performs engineering studies, reviews test schedules and documentation, develops technical data and specifications, observes and tracks technical testing, ascertains and defines technical configuration of equipment and accuracy of supporting documents and software for ship control systems. ICI reviews Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), Waterfront Changes, ship class documents, and Provisioning Technical Documents for engineering and or logistics content. Our services range from planning to execution to improve the efficacy of waterfront maintenance and improve overall Fleet Readiness through:

  • IPS Planning
  • IPS Acquisition Documentation
  • Supply Support and Provisioning
  • Shipboard Validation/Verification
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing
  • CBM Data Analytics
  • System Installation Documentation
  • Technical Manuals, Drawings


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