Information Warfare

Integrating Cyber Resiliency with Non-Kinetic Fires

Cybersecurity is much more than having an approved RMF Package. ICI helps deliver integrated solutions to fight the Navy’s Information War for current and future Fleet assets. ICI is directly supporting the advancements of Information Warfare capabilities to meet the needs of the Future Surface Combatant Force for the FFG(X), Small Surface Combatant, and the rapidly growing fleet of unmanned surface and underwater vehicles.
In addition to driving designs for future capability, ICI is helping the Navy deliver Cybersecurity Resiliency and integrated fires capabilities through C5ISR integration and interoperability with Navy Combat Systems. ICI delivers enhanced decision support capabilities to allow the Fleet operators to make tactical decisions through operationally-relevant data, processed and analyzed in situ, allowing tactical units to fight the Information War in a communications-challenged setting. ICI increases the Navy’s Fleet Lethality and ability to deliver on the Distributed Maritime Operations mission in cyber degraded or challenged environments through:
  • Secure Systems Engineering, Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Engineering, Governance
  • C5ISR Integration
  • Shipboard, Shore Network Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Software Engineering
  • Sensor & Payload Integration
  • Data Analytics