About Us


ICI Services is an Employee-Owned Business formed in 1999 by several long-term Navy government employees and contractors with the goal of delivering superior products and responsive service aligned to customers’ constrained budgets. These objectives have been achieved, facilitating strong customer satisfaction and continuous growth. ICI Services’ 400 engineers, analysts, logisticians, technicians and information technology specialists provide integral, quality support to multiple Navy organizations and the Department of Homeland Security. We are headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, and have offices on all three coasts and employees in 19 states who provide deep customer and program understanding and enhance our ability to deliver responsive services.

We are guided by our Strategic Vision: Be a premier provider of quality engineering, management and logistics services to our US Military and Department of Homeland Security customers, producing increased shareholder equity and fulfilling careers for all employees.”

To achieve our vision, we maintain a corporate culture that fosters a leadership approach that emphasizes communication, coaching and collaboration. We focus on employee development and performance enhancement, and reward superior performance. Our excellent work environment, pay, benefits, and management approach keep retention well above industry averages.

Our actions are guided by a comprehensive strategic plan designed to:

  • Achieve deep customer understanding and deliver quality in every effort we perform
  • Develop and provide in-depth capabilities in our key business competencies
  • Implement, and continuously improve, process-driven performance in all our actions
  • Attract quality personnel and foster their superior performance
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